• Paths to Progress is a transportation improvement program to restore and enhance nearly 70 roadway segments in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.  
  • With a combined investment of over $90 million, Paths to Progress is a coordinated effort between the Federal Highway Administration, Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, New Orleans Regional Planning Commission, City of New Orleans, Parish of Jefferson and City of Kenner.
  • Many of the roadways under repair were damaged during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and were used as major haul routes for post-storm recovery operations. All of the roadways included in Paths to Progress will benefit residents and business owners in Orleans and Jefferson parishes, and the exciting events bringing tourists to the city.
  • The program is funded by the Emergency Relief Program of the Federal Highway Administration through the Department of Transportation and Development, New Orleans Regional Planning Commission and the City of New Orleans.
  • Repairs will include resurfacing, pavement patching, repairing cubs and installing ADA-compliant accessible ramps.
  • Traffic coordination efforts are underway to minimize congestion and facilitate access in impacted areas where street repairs will be conducted. Every effort is being made to minimize the inconvenience to neighborhoods, motorists and local businesses. Prior to construction, public meetings will be held to engage residents and businesses.

For further information regarding Paths to Progress, call the public outreach phone line at 1-800-574-7193.